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Over 70 Years of Genetic Progress

With our experience COBA/Select Sires has become the professionals’ choice for superior artificial insemination techniques and stellar reproductive solutions. COBA is proud to serve member-owner-customers each day. Our program not only serves your genetic and reproductive needs but we also have nitrogen, nitrogen units and A.I. supplies available to you on a regular basis and delivered directly to your door.

COVID-19 Updates

Your health and safety are important to us! Click here to learn more about COBA’s response to COVID-19.

Dairy Farmers should visit www.nmpf.org/coronavirus to find pertinent information as COVID-19 relates to them.

Click here to download the letter that can assure your employees unrestricted travel to work.

Sire Directories

COBA/Select Sires, Inc. operates as a true cooperative to provide superior genetics and service to benefit its member-customers. (10/6/93).