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MoBull Tech

Artificial Insemination Service

Our Reproductive Services Client Managers (RSCM) are ready to help you with your herd’s daily reproductive needs. You can trust our professionally trained RSCMs to successfully breed your cows and assist with heat detection programs. They have the knowledge to understand synchronization programs, the estrus cycle, follicular waves and other small details that make a great difference in conception.

Beef Breeding Projects

Our Beef Specialists are ready to help you tackle your beef breeding goals, big and small. We are here to help you increase pregnancy rates, provide expert reproductive and synchronization protocol consultation, use predictable genetics that will allow you to hit your target, and provide professional arm service from assisting to completing your breeding project.

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Select Reproductive Solutions®

Select Sires understands that a one-size-fits-all approach to reproductive management doesn’t work in today’s dairy industry. That’s why you can trust our highly trained Select Reproductive Solutions specialists to help you design a customized reproductive program that’s right for your needs.

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The CowManager system is a continuous herd monitoring system. The system includes three modules that measure health, fertility and feeding by constantly monitoring temperature, activity and rumination.

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gender SELECTed

Backed by the industry’s most extensive fertility research program, gender SELECTed™ Semen provides you with opportunities to have more heifers for sale, replacements and internal expansion. Whether you are breeding for type, production, health traits or a combination, Select Sires works hard to provide the highest ranking bulls and superior semen quality and fertility.

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Select Mating Service®

The goal of the world’s most trusted mating program, Select Mating Service (SMS® ), is to develop a herd of cows with the type and production you demand. Professional SMS genetic consultants use research, computerized analysis and cow knowledge to build better herds, one mating at a time.

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Program for Genetic Advancement™

Select Sires Program for Genetic Advancement provides the most accurate genetic data by collecting high-quality information on bull daughters from well-managed herds. PGA™ is a vital part of the sire development efforts at Select Sires.

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A unique sequential breeding system that was created to help dairy producers use progressive genetics and still control inbreeding.

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COBA/Select Sires, Inc. operates as a true cooperative to provide superior genetics and service to benefit its member-customers. (10/6/93).

®CowManager is a registered trademark of Agis Automatisering. Select Reproductive Solutions® , SRS, gender SELECTed™, Select Mating Service® , SMS, Program for Genetic Advancement™, PGA, and StrataGEN® , are registered trademarks of Select Sires, Inc.